Hi beautiful person,

Welcome to “Goody on a Budget”

Let me first define the word “goody”

Goody: (noun) Jamaican slang-usually refers to a female who is on top of her game. A beautiful woman. A successful woman. A woman who is empowered.Used by friends as a compliment.

Synonyms: good gyal and hot gyal. May also be spelt ‘goodie’

Even if you aren’t a woman, that’s fine, this blog can help anyone.

I’m here to tell you how to be a young person surviving on a budget. What makes me qualified to share this information? Well, I’m a young person surviving on a budget. I’ve found many blogs that speak about saving money and doing things on the cheap but I wasn’t able to use most of the tips. This is because they were not Jamaican blogs and the reality here is much different from the countries that these bloggers live in. This blog’s main aim is to help Jamaican young people to navigate this country and live a life they want, even if they don’t have a lot in their pockets. If you aren’t Jamaican or live in Jamaica you don’t have to click away just yet, you can adapt the tips to for your lifestyle back home or use them for when you visit.

And for all the aspiring goodies out there, I hope I can teach you how to be a goody on a budget.

Sending love~