10 Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Hey guys,

As you may already know, it’s Black Friday, a online shopper’s favourite day. Do you want to save money online this Black Friday and any other regular day? Keep reading.

  1. Set a Budget- Setting a budget is essential when online shopping if you want to save money. If you know you’re not very disciplined, I’d suggest using a prepaid card like the Sagicor My Cash Card. You could also use a separate bank account with a set amount that you transferred for shopping online. If you are disciplined just have a number in mind, not a ball park figure, a concrete figure and no matter what, don’t go over it.
  2. Check the Sales/Clearance Section First-Don’t assume because something is on clearance or on sale then it’s automatically bad. You can find some real gems there, I know I have. Just be sure to check the reviews to see what everyone else is saying. I know you can’t rely on reviews since there is always someone who loves the product and someone else who says the product ruined their life. However, the overall rating and the general consensus should be good.
  3. Put items in your cart and just leave them there- I’m not talking about doing that on a day like Black Friday, but on a more random day. Some companies will send you extra discounts so that you’ll cash out your cart. For this to work, make sure you have an account and were signed in when you added things to your cart and when you left them.
  4. Download Honey-I don’t know if you’re familiar with Honey but it will be you be your best friend. Honey, which can be downloaded as a chrome extension, finds and applies coupons for you at check out. Honey almost always finds a coupon except for sites like Amazon.
  5. Try Rakuten– Rakuten finds coupons and may give you money back on your orders. Basically if you buy something, you may get back some of the money you spent on the purchase. I haven’t really used it yet but I definitely will.
  6. Combine deals– Not every site will allow you to combine promo codes and coupons but if they do take advantage of it.
  7. Shop from lowest to highest- I know the real OGs know this trick. When perusing just sort the display from lowest to highest prices. The option is usually near the top of the page. It’s a great hack because you can spend less time looking at things you can’t afford or things out of your budget.
  8. Check Social Media– Certain social media accounts will tweet about deals. For example, @MakeupforWOC tweeted a thread recently that can get you get deals on makeup today. There are others that post deals as well. You can also follow the social media accounts of your favourite stores on social media or check their accounts from time to time if you’re an impulsive shopper.
  9. Time Your Online Shopping Trips– Black Friday isn’t the only day that you can get deals, websites have random sales as well. For example Aliexpress had an 11/11 sale on November 11th. It’s up to you to know when they are but if you keep up with that, then you’ll save money. If you haven’t already sign up for their newsletters, not only will you know when the sales are, you may get special offers.
  10. Shop around for shipping companies- Can you imagine getting all these deals online but it ended up not mattering because customs and the shipping company snatched all your coins? They’re not all the same and some of them have special promotions where they discount how much it costs to deliver packages. For me personally, getting my packages really quickly isn’t a priority and I try to order what I need way before I actually need it. A cheaper price per pound, reasonable delivery rates and a responsive company are my top priorities. I also opt for shipping companies who price in JMD for the sake of my own pockets.

A bonus tip is that if you find your package is over $50USD and you’d prefer to avoid the wrath of customs, split your order up. In addition to that, if you have relatives or friends coming down you can by pass shipping companies entirely.

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  1. petchary says:

    Number seven is something I always do! Thanks for these practical tips, again…


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