Women in Business Series: Meet Isheba Cornwall

Isheba is a young woman who has had a long list of positions and responsibility despite being fresh out of high school. In addition to being the Head Girl of Excelsior High School, she was running a whole business. Isheba is the founder of Empower Youth Tees. Empower Youth Tees, provides T-shirts, hoodies, crop tops, crop top hoodies, muscle shirts with empowering messages printed on them – made specially for young Jamaicans.

There is a lot to learn from her and don’t worry, I asked the questions you want the answers to.

What makes your business different from your competition? 

Empower Youth Tees is unique from other T-shirt businesses because I have created a brand that is all about youth empowerment and I do not compromise what my business values for anyone or anything. The messages are printed in Jamaican patois, therefore it helps others to embrace the Jamaican Culture. In addition to this, to show my customers appreciation, I ensure that they receive a personalized – handwritten note from myself with their purchase.

How do you stay a Goody on a Budget? 

I ensure that I only purchase what I need and I budget for those items and never compromise.

What have you learnt from starting your business? 

So many things! The information seems overwhelming sometimes. The first thing that I learnt when I had just started out and that I am working on now is to remain patient and be disciplined. These are key elements to value when starting a business. I have also learnt to be consistent with Empower Youth Tees, especially as it relates to social media marketing. I had to do research day in and day out on how to take advantage of the social media space in order to market my Tees in a way that I reach my target audience. Having this knowledge of the importance of social media marketing, I’ve then gone on to learn how to create content that is able to turn my followers/profile visitors from just that and convert them to paying customers.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to start a business? 

Ensure that you start with the end in mind. You may not know what that is 100% but ensure you have an idea. In all honesty, I am the ‘Just Do It’ type of person so to the people like me, go ahead and do it and everything will become clearer as you go along. If not, ensure that you have a detailed plan on what you want to accomplish. Ensure you do your research on your target audience as well as your competitors so that you can see how you can make your business unique.

What tool have you found to be most beneficial? Eg excel, a particular app, for both your personal life and your business. 

One app that has definitely helped me a lot is Canva! This is where I create the designs for my content for my social media platforms. In addition to this, one app that has benefited me in both my personal life and business is the Calendar Op.2 app on the app store. It has helped me to keep my days in order whenever I have professional events to attend/host or when I have to create content for my business.

Where is your favourite place to go? 

I really love nature so my favorite place to go to is Emancipation Park/Hope gardens.

What piece of financial advice do you swear by? 

I will never spend more than what I earn. So whether it is I got paid from a job or I receive allowance from my parents, I ensure that I save and budget – buy things I NEED ONLY!

Don’t forget to follow her on social media:

Instagram – @empower_youth_tees (Personal – @_isheba)

Facebook – Empower Youth Tees (Personal – Isheba Cornwall)

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