Women in Business Series: Meet Aaliyah Greene

This week, we caught up with Aaliyah Greene, the owner of The Glamspot Ja. The Glamspot Ja sells makeup supplies, accessories, swimsuit & clothing items. We asked her everything about the business you’d want to know about her and her business. Here is what she said.

What makes your business different from your competition?

My business is different as it incorporates everything needed for a full glam & not just focus on one set of items.

How do you stay a Goody on a Budget?
Use coupon codes! I can’t stress that enough your basket will be $200 & you just google a nice 30% off and boom!

What have you learnt from starting your business?
Patience is key!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to start a business?

Be patient with yourself, write down your ideas and search for plan Bs. Dont rush it & PRAY!

What tool have you found to be most beneficial? Eg excel, a particular app, for both your personal life and your business.
Social media apps for business- whats app, twitter & IG really gets information spreading

Where is your favourite place to go?

Beach/river/Devon house

What piece of financial advice do you swear by?

Don’t have it ? Don’t spend. As cliche as it sounds if it’s not in your budget then don’t try to fit it in. Maybe next month or the month after.

If you want to check out The Glamspot Ja, you can follow them on IG: @TheGlamspotJa. You can also follow Aaliyah on Twitter (@aaliyahtg_) and on Instagram (@Aalz_xoxo)

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