Women in Business Series: Meet Shaniqua Williamson and Shaquan Richards

Hey guys,

I’m excited to share that our Women in Business Series is back! This week we interviewed Shaniqua and Shaquan about their business Sakuri’s Collections. I asked them the questions you’re dying to know the answer to, here’s what they said!

What kind of services/products do you offer?
Headbands, book covers and satin head rests. (Thrift Store coming soon!)

What makes your business different from your competition?
We have unbeatable prices and we offer free adjustments for headbands that don’t fit. Every headband is hand crafted with love because only the best will do for our customers.

How do you stay a Goody on a Budget?
Keep on the look out for sales at our favourite stores! Definitely make use of Payless bogos…PS (they give you 10% off when you do the survey at the link on your last receipt). When shopping, purchase statement pieces that will go well with something I already have in my closet and never buy too much of the same thing.

What have you learnt from starting your business?
Promotion and marketing are very important! Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Ask for help when you need it! It’s important to keep financial records so that you can keep track of your business’ progress; this will help you to know if your business is profitable. Remember that not everyone will like what you like. You must know what sells most and adjust your stock accordingly to meet your customers needs. People love a bargain so when sales are low, make special offers to prospective customers.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to start a business?
You have to start somewhere so don’t fret if everything isn’t perfect in the beginning. You’ll grow and learn from your mistakes but never sit on your ideas!

What tool have you found to be most beneficial? Eg excel, a particular app, for both your personal life and your business.
WhatsApp has become one of the easiest ways to communicate with customers and promote our products through statuses and WhatsApp groups. We also use Excel for record keeping.

Where is your favourite place to go?
To any clothing store to buy clothes (I absolutely love shopping)

Shaquan: The beach or a pool! I love swimming its fun and such a great way to cool down.

What piece of financial advice do you swear by?
Saving! Try to save as much of your earnings as possible. Whether you save towards specific goals or even just for a rainy day it is important to save.

You can follow Sakuri’s Collections on Instagram @sakuriscollectionsja

You can also follow their thrift shop, The Thrift Musketeers @thethriftmusketeers. Check them out ASAP for an opportunity to make money, no it’s not forex or W*rld V*ntures. If you have clothes that you’d like sold you can contact them.

Don’t forget to follow:
Shaquan on IG: @Shaquan.r
Shaquan on Twitter: @ShaquanTM

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jhavene says:

    Those are my friends❤
    Their products are actually so high in quality and really affordable. Support support support!!


  2. Jamaipanese says:

    Some really sound advice especially about starting somewhere and not waiting for perfection. Looking forward to more in this series!


    1. Great! Next one is dropping next week 🙂


  3. Nella says:

    Great post. It’s nice to learn about young entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed this interview.


  4. Ornella Rodney says:

    I liked this. I‘m inspired to continue working on my business idea!


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