9 Free Online Resources for Entrepreneurs

Hey guys,

So we know starting your own business can be a daunting and expensive task. I’m here to help you cut tasks where you can and make your life a tad bit easier.

Here are 10 Online Resources for Entrepreneurs, whatever your business is.

  1. Waves App– This is a great and FREE online accounting system. It allows you to customize and send invoices directly to your clients. You can keep a record of sales and purchases for your business among other things.
  2. And.co– This is a great website with the ability to not only make and create invoices but also make proposals, send contracts, create to-do lists and track the time you’ve used to do each task etc. I like how it allows you to set goals for your business and show your progress.
  3. Asana-  Asana is a great tool especially if you have team members. It’s a wonderful project management tool which is free to use. You can assign projects, set deadlines and collaborate through there instead of Whatsapp groups.
  4. Calendly- If you don’t have an assistant to set up meetings for you, you can use Calendly. Calendly allows you to show your clients and your potential clients your availability for meetings. You can set up your meetings via an online method like Skype or in person.  You can even set it up where people can’t do last minute bookings as well as how long the meeting should last.
  5. Canva- If your budget is too low to pay someone to design your business cards or flyers for your events, you can design them for free on Canva. Canva is great for resumes as well and all your design needs. It’s pretty simple to use. Not all the templates and images that are presented to you will be completely free but they’re affordable. I designed my brand new business cards and paid 1USD for the template. 

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  6. Mail Chimp– This is a great tool for those of us who need to send clients and potential clients emails. The free option is for those who are just starting out and have less than 2000 contacts. You can design email campaigns, landing pages and put a subscriber form pop up on your website. While you’re at it, join my mailing list so I can send you helpful information.
  7. PayPal- If you work with international clients, you may find it easier to get paid with PayPal. Especially as a freelance writer, some clients won’t pay you any other way. The good news is, it’s free to join. The only problem is that as a Jamaican, Paypal won’t be sending your funds to your Jamaican bank account. Not to worry, you can use Ample Sum. They’ll send the money directly to your Jamaican bank account in no time.
  8. Google Docs- Google really did a great thing with allowing you to create documents and sheets then sharing via a link. You can manage your client’s information and your budget using the sheets as well as drafting your writing for clients with the docs option. In addition to that, you have Google Drive where you can store all of your documents on a cloud. Google even has Google Forms so you can collect information from and for your potential clients. Did I mention it’s free?
  9. B Plans-  I haven’t used this one yet but this website offers free business plan templates and over 500 sample business plans. They also provide information to help you start your business, fund your business and business management.

There you have it guys, 9 free resources to make your entrepreneurship journey better.

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