The 15 Best Free and Cheap Things To Do in Copenhagen

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I’ve invited Karalee , who is currently living in Denmark, to guest post on Goody on a Budget so that you guys can have good travel content. Be sure to check out her blog Tales of Belle. She covers a wide range of topics from lifestyle and books to beauty. Here are the best 15 free/cheap things to do in Copenhagen Denmark:


1. See the colorful houses at Nyhavn: Nyhavn is a popular port lined with colorful houses including houses 20, 67, and 18 where the Danish author Hans Christian Anderson lived. You can come and sit along the port and enjoy the weather.

Nyhavn (2)

2. Chill in Christiania: Christania is a freetown that is independent from the Danish government. There used to be pusher street where people dealt hash, but it was shut down by the police at the request of the locals. At Christania you can see the street art, visit the shops or eat at one of the restaurants including my favorite vegetarian restaurant Morgenstedet.

3. See changing of guards at Amalienborg: Amalienborg is made up of four separate buildings where the royal family lives, and at noon every day you can see the changing of the royal guard in front of the palace.

Changing of guard
Changing of guard

4. Stroll around the gardens: In Copenhagen there are several gardens you can walk around in or have a picnic at including the King’s Gardens at Rosenborg Castle, which is Denmark’s oldest royal garden and Frederiksberg Garden, which is a romantic landscape garden. You can also visit The Botanical Garden, which is a research-based garden for the University of Copenhagen and has more than 13,000 species of plants. The Botanical Garden is free to visit except for The Palm House which costs 60 DKK for entry.

5. Visit the world’s oldest amusement park at Bakken: Bakken is a 15 minute train ride north of Copenhagen, and it is the oldest operating amusement park in the world. The amusement park includes rides, games, and restaurants, and it surrounded by a huge park with deer. It is free to enter Bakken, but the rides do cost depending on the package you buy, but there is half price Wednesdays.

6. Go to the beach at Amager Strandpark: Amager is a 2 kilometer beach in Copenhagen, and you can go swimming in the water or relax and sunbathe on the sand. There are also various sport activities and events at Amager. Other designated and free swimming areas in Copenhagen are Islands Brygge Harbour Bath, Fisketorvet Harbour Bath, Sluseholmen Harbour Bath, and Svanemølle Beach.

7. Walk along Strøget: Strøget is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets, and there are tons of shops from budget-friendly chains to high-end brand as well as cafés, restaurants, and street performers.

8. Tour Copenhagen City Hall: The Copenhagen City Hall opened in 1905, and it is free to visit inside and wonder around. If you want to visit the tower, it does costs 30 DKK ($600JMD) and you will have a view of Copenhagen.

Cheap (under 120 DKK) (under 23k JMD)

9. Go up The Round Tower: – The round tower is a 17th century tower with an observatory, and you can see views of Copenhagen from the top. Entrance is 25 DDK(500JMD)

The round tower
The Round Tower

10. Take a canal tour at Nyhavn: When you are visiting Nyhavn to see the colorful houses, you can take a canal tour to see the sights of Copenhagen including The Copenhagen Opera House, Amalienborg, Christiansborg Palace, the Black Diamond Library, and the Little Mermaid. The price for a canal tour is 95 DKK.Nyhavn

11. Experience Danish history at the National Museum of Denmark: The museum is Denmark’s largest cultural and historical museum, and it has exhibits from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Danish History. The price for entry is 95 DKK.($1900JMD)

12. Appreciate the art at Thorvaldsens Museum and Nikolaj Kunsthal: Thorvaldsens Museum is the private collection of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and includes sculptures, paintings, and antiquities. Nikolaj Kunsthal is a Danish and international contemporary art museum located in the old Church of Saint Nicholas. Entry to either Thorvaldsens Museum or Nikolaj Kunsthal is 70 DKK($1400JMD), and when purchase entry for one museum, you will receive free entry for the other within 48 hours. Both also offer free admission on Wednesdays.

13. Admire the ancient and modern art at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is an art museum founded in 1888 by Carl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of Carlsberg Breweries. The museum features ancient and modern art and is 115 DKK ($2300JMD) for entry. On Tuesdays entrance is free.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

14. Visit The Cisterns: The Cisterns is located in Søndermarken park, and it is a former underground water reserve that held 16 million liters of drinking water for Copenhagen. The Cisterns are now used for art exhibitions and costs 70 DKK ($1400JMD) for entry.

15. Explore Rosenborg Castle and see the crown jewels: If you are visiting the King’s Garden at Rosenborg Castle, you can visit the castle as well. Rosenborg is a 17th century castle with various rooms and halls including the Knights’ Hall with coronation thrones and three life-size silver lions and located in the basement is the crown jewels of the Danish kings and queens. Entry to the castle is 115 DKK.($2300JMD)

Rosenborg castle
Rosenborg Castle

Remember to follow Karalee on her blog Tales of Belle  and on her twitter @KaraleeCupcake 

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