Back on the Rack Review

Hey guys,

I went to Back on the Rack for the first time. Back on the Rack is a monthly thrift pop up on Collins Green Ave. They have a really good social media presence and people rave about them all the time. In addition to that, the money is for charity.

We’ve spoken about thrifting before on Goody on a Budget. This is my second time thrifting and I went with something specific in mind. I wanted a belt.

I’m a pretty small person and finding a belt is really hard. I generally go for belts that allow me to adjust it anywhere. Otherwise, I’d have to stick a hole in the belt and it just doesn’t look cute. Often times, it just looks lopsided and you can’t centre it properly.

Anyway, they posted a picture of a belt on their IG and I was like ‘yup, I’m going for that belt’. And guess what guys. I got that exact belt. Of course, I wish it was black or at least dark like 90% of the clothes I owned, but I’ll just have to love this rainbow coloured belt. It costed $300JMD and that’s way cheaper than most belts I’ve seen. You can see it in my featured image.

Besides the belt, there wasn’t anything else there that caught my interest. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of stuff. By the time I got there, which was within an hour of their opening, there were plenty shopping bags already filled, which I took to mean that I probably missed out on some great stuff.

They had a great selection of formal jackets that were in great condition. These jackets are usually pretty expensive but at BOTR they were pretty cheap. They were all too big for me, but what’s new? They even had a section that had winter clothes and if you’re travelling to a cooler country I’d suggest checking them out first.

As for shoes, there were some good selections. Some of them look worn (many have been worn and that’s okay!) and some were around the same price as new shoes that are similar in style. However, I’d still suggest checking them out, you might find something great. I liked those grey ones found in the upper left corner of the pic. I don’t remember the price but it was affordable

Thrifting often means you have to spend time sifting through a tonne of clothes and you’re usually rewarded with a great piece but sometimes you don’t find anything and that’s okay. You just go back another time and search. I’ll be back to Back on the Rack.

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