Review of the Healthy Hair and Beauty Expo

Hey guys,

So on July 6th, the Healthy Hair and Beauty had their expo at Spanish Court Hotel. In true Goody on a Budget fashion, I copped the Early bird ticket for $800JMD (less than 10USD). Upon arrival, you collect an armband and your goody bag. The goody bag had some crackers, pads, conditioner, shampoo among some other things.

There were so many booths ranging from people selling makeup, jewelry, sanitary products, perfumes, facial products, other skin care products and of course hair products. They even had presentations happening but it was a long day for me and I just wanted to get some products and get home ASAP. So let’s talk about what I bought.

everything I bought. It came up to $2900JMD (less than 30usd)
  • I went over to Woman’s Touch. If you guys don’t know, a Jamaican doctor, Dr Chris-Ann Simpson Harley, developed a line of sanitary napkins. They were developed to prevent irritations and infections that affect some people who use certain sanitary napkins. They’re 100% cotton. My favourite thing about the product is that it comes with 30 pads of varying sizes plus 10 pantyliners. It’s the only multipack that I’ve ever seen in Jamaica and it covers a couple months of your sanitary napkin needs all for under $1000JMD. My only issue with the pads is that I wish the wings for the bigger pads were stronger. At the expo, they had a special where you could get the pack for $700 which was a nice little discount. They have maternity pads among products. You can get them in the supermarket.
Me at the event posing in front of their cute board.
  • Fontana Pharmacy had products that they were selling tax free and it ranged from skincare to haircare. I got the Aunt Jackie’s Elongated Curling Flax Seed Gel. I haven’t used it yet but I’m excited to try it on a wash and go because my hair loves to a little too big for my wash and gos.
Fontana Pharmacy’s display
my wash and go being big and all over the place
  • Kaelyn’s Distributors had some pretty nice makeup. I’m primarily a lipstick person and I tend to buy lipstick on the cheaper side. At the expo, they had a special where if you bought three items you’d get a goody bag with more makeup. I ‘splurged’ on some lip stick/lip gloss and spent $1800. The money was well spent because I got so much more in the bag, like eye liner, contour stuff, lipgloss, more lipstick. You can spot them in the picture below where I share my freebies.
some of things I got for free
  • Melanina Organic Care had some really bomb skin care items. I only purchased the lip balm mostly because I really didn’t plan to spend a lot of money and I always need lip balm. I got it for $250JMD. Of course it is all natural. I like using mostly natural ingredients on my skin and hair. I regret not getting the moisturizer though, I could have really used it. I’m still searching for a good moisturizer. However, they were nice enough to let me sample it and it seems to be a winner.

Did you guys attend the event? What was in your haul?

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  1. 0o0o so many freebies, that’s nice! From the samples shown, looks like there was a good selection of products. Sadly I wasn’t in town to attend but I know a few who did and enjoyed doing product hauls.


    1. yup it was good, they should be having another one later this year.


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