11 Ways To Make Extra Money In Jamaica

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So we already looked at ways to make money online,so with a little help (thanks Charlene) I’ve combined a list of ways you can make money offline in Jamaica. I was really tired of searching the internet and them telling me to buy rich people’s grocery, house sit, pet sit and walk people’s dogs. Those things are not lucrative in Jamaica. Here are some actual ways to make money offline:

1. Tutoring 

If you know you’re good at a particular subject then offer to tutor people for a fee. This could be an all-year endeavour or one that you pick during peak exam season. The main issue surrounding this is finding a location. If you can find capital to rent somewhere to host tutoring session that’s fine. If you offer one on one tutoring, then it may be a little cheaper for you because most people use either their house or the student’s house. I would also suggest using a library because they’re free, they have wifi and tend to have little no distractions. In the case of exam season tutoring, a marathon can be lucrative. If you’re already a teacher, make sure you get the word out there way before the exam season comes around that you’ll be having a marathon. Have other people get the word out as well. You won’t be the only person hosting a marathon either so you’ll have to make sure they choose you. After the first marathon, if you’re good, the students will spread the word. This is also a venture you can do with friends.


2. Teach a skill

Whether you’re really good at playing an instrument or great at baking, you can monetize the ability to teach the skill. Of course, you’d have to get the word out there, find a suitable location and work out a competitive price but it could be so worth it.


woman playing brown classical guitar
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3. UCA

I’m cheating a little with this tip because you do need to use the internet to contact them but still. If you’re a university student then applying to UCA jobs is a good way of making a little extra money. I know I know, I’ve applied for many jobs and haven’t gotten them too. This isn’t a reliable source of income unless you’ve got a good job, impressed a client and they keep hiring you. However, you can pair this with something else on the list to make the extra income. I wouldn’t rely on this tip alone though. You can find them on Twitter @UCAJamaica. If there is an event that you’d like to attend but don’t have the funds, they usually either have tickets or a job to the event. That’s how I ended up going to the Millenial Mixer  and getting to see Usain’s Bolt last race on Jamaican soil before his retirement in 2017.

A blurry picture of me at the JN Grand Prix to watch Usain Bolt’s last Race on Jamaican soil. Courtesy of UCA
Me and Tami Chin Marshall at the Millennial Mixer earlier this year

4. Put a taxi on the road

Many Jamaicans actually supplement their income this way. Of course this is a way more expensive option because you’d need to buy a car. However, if you can, you can make pretty decent money with that initiative. Make sure you do a thorough screening process for the driver because often times the driver doesn’t take care of the vehicle because it’s not his own and he just wrecks someone else’s car when you fire him.

5. Make and sell products

If you have a particular skill such as crocheting, sewing, baking, making bracelets, making soaps etc and have the self-discipline to make products in a timely fashion this could be a good venture. Many people are making swimsuits, reusable bags etc and making a profit so it seems to be lucrative. You’ll need enough capital for materials before you start but it’s always a good idea to invest in yourself. Of course, having social media accounts are a cheap way to get your name and product out there. You can also sign up for the many pop up shops for creatives that are all over Kingston. You usually have to pay but you’ll be able to sell products and introduce your product to potential customers. Yaadie Pop Up is one popular example of this. You can read my review of the event here.

Beautiful bracelets from @bead_ja Photo taken at Yaadie Pop Up earlier this year

6. Source and sell products

Okay maybe you’re terrible at making things. That’s fine. But if you have a knack for sourcing things and convincing people to buy them so that you can make a profit then you’ve found yourself another source of income. This may be clothes, jewelry, make up, whatever. Of course, the internet would come in handy because it’s cheaper to use social media to market and that’s probably where you’re getting a lot of your merchandise as well as taking orders but still. Make sure you have things in place to get people their products who don’t live where you live to broaden your customer base. You can even sell your products to stores if you have the right links or have a pop up shop.

7. Capitalize on a skill in demand

There are many skills that are in demand right now and one of them is doing makeup. if you know you’re great at makeup then great you’ll probably make money in Jamaica. You can always start out by showing your work on an IG page. Either do your own or a friend’s make up and post it on social media for others to see. You don’t always have to rely on the internet though, you can pitch yourselves to high schools during picture season or set up shop at a local photographer’s office to have access to clients and some cash.  Carnival and graduation are great times to be a MUA. Maybe your skill is financial planning, photography, graphic design, fixing electronics or you’re a social media expert. Don’t be afraid to pitch people and get hired.

8. Invigilate exams

You know that students here have many exams, from the primary level to the tertiary level, but did you know the invigilators are paid? Yup, they are. I hear that they generally take a while to pay but it’s an option. Think of many CSEC/CAPE exams they are though. The exam period for those exams is like a month and they have to be at every high school so I’m sure they’ll need people.  Masters students at university have the opportunity to pick up extra cash invigilating the exams at school. This isn’t a reliable income but it’s an option.

9. Invest in stocks

If you know what you’re doing and have decent money to invest, you can make good money from dividends and selling stocks. The Jamaica Stock Exchange said my article on buying stocks in Jamaica is good so you should check it out here and to learn about how to actually make money using stocks click here. Please bear in mind it’s not a quick-rich scheme, stocks are typically meant for long term investment not pay the rent next month. IMG_20190407_143211

10. Do promotions

UCA usually has tonnes of promotion jobs but if you’re not a student or isn’t getting picked, no worries. There are many people paying people to do promotions. This is either handing our flyers at events or in the street or going to some pretty cool events. These jobs are typically given to women and don’t pay all that well however, you get some pocket money. If the client likes you they’ll keep hiring you and you may even get tips from the patrons at the party. Carnival season is a good time for getting a promotion job. Sometimes people will want you to go out and help sell their product. I’ve done that a couple times with a haircare brand.  Don’t be afraid to approach businesses and ask. Learn to network guys. 

11. Baby sitting

 If you’re good with children, I’m sure many parents would love to employ you. Just get the word out there by telling everyone and posting it on social media. You could be able to make some extra cash if someone is willing to pay you to watch their child.


If online work is what’s best for you then don’t worry. I have a book below that will interest you. Online Income Stream Ideas will help you figure out the skills you can monetize, where you get sell your skills and expertise and what platforms you can utilize for passive income. Just click on the picture!

White, Black and Red Modern Self Help Book Cover (1)

If you’ve found the right side hustle for you, you might need some help promoting it. If you Need a writer to help you with your website, social media posts and crafting emails, you’ve come to the right place. Check out my website and let me help you make some money through proper communication and writing copy that sells.

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