10 Lessons from the She Speaks Lecture Series

Hey guys,

Here is a list of 10 lessons from the inaugural She Speaks event:

(these aren’t exact quotes, some are just things I took away from what the speaker was saying)

  1. Small steps are all you need when you’re going on a journey.
  2. You can always start over and pursue new ventures.
  3. Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to a loved one.
  4. You’ve survived all your worst days.
  5. There needs to be way more women in the creative industry. Don’t let your parents scare you about creative industries, if you’re talented and get enough exposure, you can be successful.
  6. Learning things online is increasingly more popular and you should get on board.
  7. Don’t leave your sexual health up to your partner.
  8. Climate change is real and will affect the most vulnerable in society the most.
  9. Look at what you learn from your experiences in a toxic work place, while you plan your exit strategy.
  10. Make sure you’re not contributing to the toxic environment at work.

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  1. #4 can’t be said enough. I like to remind myself everytime I go through difficulty that my track record for surviving bad days is still at 100%. 🙂

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    1. yes sis! you got this.

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