10 Ways To Save on Graduation

Hey guys,

It’s almost graduation time again. If you’re a part of the class of 2018, congratulations! As you quint (blink) it’s graduation day and so it’s probably a good time to start making preparations.

I personally don’t like spending a tonne of money on a one day event. To me the money won’t make the event more memorable, pictures and the company I go with is more important for me.

I’m really just going to graduation to look cute. I’m not the biggest fan of long ceremonies and all of that. I’m just here for the pictures. Don’t judge me.

You don’t need to spend a lot to look like a million dollars sis, trust me. Anyways, here are my tips:

  1. Start preparing early– Start booking your nail, hair and makeup appointments asap. Start looking for your dress and shoes early too. Sometimes things increase because businesses know it’s graduation season. The longer you wait, it might be the more money you pay. Besides, getting stuff out of the way early eliminates last minute panicking. I started early I got my shoes on sale and dress really cheap. It works.
  2. Shop around- I know sometimes shopping sucks, but don’t be tempted to just go in one or two stores. When it comes to shoes and dress; check out multiple stores and compare prices, quality and fit. Go uptown, downtown and around town.
  3. Do your research– This is especially regarding make up artists and nail techs. Some MUA have deals if you bring a friend, some universities provide the services of others. There are also good MUA who are looking to make their name and may be a little cheaper than the more established ones. Just make sure you check out their social media to find out if you like how they do make up (or nails).
  4. Design your dressIf you don’t find something you love, get your dress made. It will probably be cheaper anyway and you’re more likely to fall in love with it.
  5. Rock secondhandTry thrifting or wearing something you love from someone else’s closet. No shame in the secondhand game.
  6. Wear what you already have- Listen, if I had cute shoes and a white dress to wear, I’d just wear it. You don’t have to buy new things for every event (unless you really want to of course). Don’t let people shame you into not wearing your own things, they….are….yours.
  7. Call your cousin or best friend- If you know someone, not necessarily a makeup artist, certified nail tech or a hairdresser but someone that can do them really well (or at least to your liking), let them do yours. Now I’m not saying going to your entrepreneur friends and ask for a discount or free things. If this is their business, please pay them.
  8. Do it Yourself- Maybe you’re the one can do hair, nails or makeup. Have faith in your abilities, do it yourself and save a pretty penny.
  9. Go Natural– If make up and painting nails isn’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to get glammed up. Do whatever you want sis, I support you.
  10. Use Coupons- Gustazos and Brawta Living have good deals on manicures, pedicures as well as hair appointment from time to time. Take advantage.


My bonus tip is to just not go. I’m kidding…….kinda, if you don’t want to spend money on something, don’t. Live your best life sisters~

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  1. Tamera Little says:

    Lmao I love that bonus tip! I don’t want to go! I’ve already spent so much money and I still don’t have a dress,shoes or secured makeup for the graduation day. Mi stress


    1. Lmao what you spending so much money on sis? Also there are makeup artists at the venue and they not expensive I think.

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